Naked ★★★★★

"Resolve is never stronger than in the morning after the night it was never weaker."

David Thewlis is a force of nature in Naked, running about from place to place berating and teaching everyone he comes into contact with in turn. His character, Johnny, is an intelligent man with no home, no job, no friends to turn to, nor interest in having any. He's a man with no hope for the future as he firmly believes that humanity hasn't got one.

It's a very dark film, to say the least, but it's fascinating the way it repulses me and draws me in in equal measure. I'm disturbed by the way people treat each other, but they do seem to bring a lot of it on themselves, don't they?

Sandra, for example, is missing most of the film, away with her boyfriend in Zimbabwe, and returns early from her trip to find unexpected guests in her flat and her roommates sleeping with a dirty, beaten man in her bed. She goes on then, just shy of screaming, in incomplete sentences. Never finishing a thought for the rest of the time she's onscreen. She's clearly upset, but it's difficult to know what she wants when she doesn't seem to know herself.

I think it's easily Mike Leigh's best film...

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