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  • CarGo



    I watched this shit live on Pluto TV with my best friend and it really felt like a fucking hallucination. Admittedly more entertaining than the franchise it's trying to cash in on; think of this movie like a car wreck. It's terrible, but you just can't look away. 10/10, I couldn't summarize what I watched if my life depended on it

  • Serial Experiments Lain

    Serial Experiments Lain


    I think I figured out what they meant by "present day, present time." The analogy for internet culture in this show still rings true, 20 years later.

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  • The Banana Splits Movie

    The Banana Splits Movie


    I'm too scared to write an actual review. Here's the script to Chicken Little (2005).

    Now, where to begin?

    How 'bout, "Once upon a time"?

    How many times have you heard that to begin a story?

    Let's do somethin' else.

    I got it, I got it, here we go. Here's how to open a movie!

    No, I don't think so. It sounds familiar. Doesn't it, to you?

    Oh, no, no, not the book.

    How many have seen "opening the book"…

  • Loqueesha



    I think this movie was based off of a true story. I used to know a man like the protagonist of this film. We'll call him xXDudebroXx, and he was exactly like the protagonist of this film. Racist, sexist, and transphobic. Couldn't make a single joke without it being at the expense of a minority, just like this film.

    I really don't know how this managed to make it through the production process. I feel like this movie just spawned…