oh man i dont get it. there's very little that hasn't already been said about this film's ability to establish a mood, and it's beautifully shot, but i can't help but feel like this is a complete and total waste of that masterclass visual filmmaking. it kind of feels like lee chang-dong adapted a john green novel. it wants to exist as a deep character study, but its characters are a listless, pathetic wannabe writer, an underdeveloped, overtly sexualized girl-next-door, and a rich bully we're immediately supposed to hate (even though he doesn't really do anything) because we identify with the loser. and it feels like lee decided he wanted the film to be 148 minutes long before he even wrote it, like regardless of the plot's inherent simplicity, so he padded it out with political allusions that dont actually say anything and scenes of yoo being a sexual deviant to hide the fact that there really isnt that much here and that the mystery inherent to the story is the kind you figure out immediately. i hate to be so negative—i was expecting this to be a slamdunk—but i just dont see much of anything here besides a depthless flex of technical aptitude

felipe, im sorry! i promise i’ll give it another shot in the future 😔

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