Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

a few things to love about into the spiderverse

- the amount of incredible stylisation in the film. in a day and age where it feels like the feature animation industry is trying to make films as hyper-realistic as possible, it is so incredibly refreshing to see spider-verse's pop-art esque dot/stroke shading, flashes to brightly colored graphic shots, word or thought bubbles positioned within space, expression and action lines with occasional onomatopoeia bursts during a fight sequence- there are so many gorgeous and fun stylistic choices that make the film feel like an animated comic. most importantly, the

- unique stylisation for each spider... creature. not only do they all have delightful and unique characters (and perfect voice acting choices), but the styles in which they're animated reflect their identity and universe. specifically for "two-dimensional" characters like peni and spider-ham, it's wonderful to see them interact with other characters and the 3d environment

- the detail work put into miles' universe being "a new york like ours, but not ours" including all of the beautiful subtle poster and billboard parodies in the backgrounds

- the crazy music/sound design- again incorportating unique themes for every character, my favorite is definitely the prowler motifs. the entire score and soundtrack is so crazy- with orchestral scores overlapping and harmonising with the rap/rb soundtrack, and full orchestral stuff that was recorded live then scratched on vinyl for the final track.

- having an afrolatino teen lead who comfortably code switches throughout the film (his interaction with scorpion is particularly delightful) & is so damn loveable in general

PLEASE go see this film in theaters if you haven't- the immense and obvious amount of love and work that went into it, and it's a fantastic watch!!

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