The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight ½

putting politics aside, I wonder what the fuck does Nolan emotionally get out of making such cynical movies? The Dark Knight is so deeply disinterested in exploring motion and emotion; Gotham's skyscraper monotony is exacerbated by jumps in time and anonymous locations that makes the characters feel disconnected. they're so weightless it feels they cease to exist when the camera does not look at them, evaporating in light until they're summoned to progress the film again.

not exploring the weight of your characters is one thing, but The Dark Knight also fails as an action film because it fumbles its action/reaction so badly. the "I will make this pencil disappear" and "Why so serious?" scenes exist in a liminal space where both its primary action and reaction are obscured, so we just have to make do with the idea.

TDK is a collection of loose-hanging ideas Nolan fails to elaborate on. Gotham looks the same as Hong Kong, and its inhabitants are never named or personalized so who cares about the chaos? its 'main' characters don't emit any feeling and are never allowed physical connection to their world, so they're just tools to progress the film. every attempt at exploring the 'darkness' within superheroes is undercut by aforementioned tools littering every scene with baity one liners. and to round it all up its politics are so agonizingly terrible like wtf is Nolan so squeamish for that he conceives an entire plot point where mass surveillance is necessary to save citizens? lol

such a waste of a clearly all-time great Heath Ledger performance, a legendary actor capable of imposing emotional complexity where Nolan's vision sought to numb all sensation. terrible emotionless filmmaking. the first time in over a year i felt like i wasted my time watching a movie lol

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