Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

-Perfectly fine! Just like HOMECOMING.

-I think the best illustration between Holland and Maguire’s films are the big M.J. kisses.
In SPIDER-MAN it’s an intense and passionate movie kiss.
In FAR FROM HOME, it’s this cute little peck between awkward teenagers.
So I’ll always like Raimi’s films better for wearing their emotions on their sleeves, and not this “gee whiz, everybody” shtick the MCU Peter has going… but it’s perfectly fine!

-Holland’s Parker’s arc is all over the place though. Each film flips him between wanting to be an Avenger, or a street level hero. It’s really silly.

-Also, way to take a note from CASINO ROYALE and cast the same person, regardless of it being a reboot, because WHO ELSE COULD PLAY J. JONAH JAMESON?! MY BLOOD RUSHED FROM MY ARMS AND I COULDN’T FEEL MY HANDS FOR 15 MINUTES.
=Although seeing Simmons, and SPIDER-MAN 2’s 15th anniversary on Sunday, just kept hammering home to me how much better the old films are.

=Remember when they actually had a camera zooming through the Manhattan skyscrapers instead of flat, plastic looking CGI?


-That funhouse sequence tho

-Smart of Jon Watts for not being active on twitter. He may actually be the first MCU director to make it to their third film without any drama. Godspeed to him.

-Still hoping they do the Sinister Six one day. They only need two more people!

-Lastly, one of the writers of this and HOMECOMING follows me back on twitter and it makes me feel cool and important, sorry to humblebrag.

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