Spring Breakers ★★★½

If I'd known in advance that one of Spring Breakers' central moments was a scene in which a skinny, tattooed, corn-rowed James Franco sat at a piano singing a Britney Spears ballad, I'm sure I'd have decided it wasn't a film for me. So, as I sat captivated at this very scene, I felt it was time to acknowledge that perhaps there was something special about the film I was watching. I really should hate this, so why am I so mesmerized?

Admittedly, when the film began, I did think I was going to hate it. Starting as a repulsive neon nightmare that I immediately wanted to wake from, but the more time I spent with Spring Breakers, the more drawn to it I became. Like Alice entering her rabbit hole, little did I know that I was falling deeper and deeper into a hypnotic world. But, this is a wonderland where the Cheshire Cats have metallic grins and "eat me" and "drink me" probably have very different meanings.

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