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  • Saturday the 14th

    Saturday the 14th

    Maybe if I had seen this as kid it might have done more for me? I don’t know. But this was painfully unfunny and a complete drag. Even the title is disappointing - I assumed this was going to be an Airplane-esque parody of slasher flicks, but it wasn’t. Just a dumb haunted house/monster movie.

  • The Prey

    The Prey


    A whole lot of nothing going on in this Friday the 13th ripoff. I felt like it should have been directed by David DeCoteau with the amount of stock footage used and endless shots of people just walking. Also, was there even a script because it felt like what little dialogue was here was just improvised....by people who are terrible at improvisation. 
    I will say this though, for being a late 70s/early 80s cheapie, it sure looks great. Whoever did…

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