The King of Staten Island ★★½

It finds its heart eventually, but takes the "we'll wear them out until they like him" approach to Pete Davidson. Pete plays the guy that took his condom off halfway during sex, and then laughs it off by saying "I thought you could tell!!"

He's so unlikeable that even his douche friends seemed more tolerable by comparison. But I guess if you gave Ted Bundy enough scenes you'd start to like him too, and this overstuffed 2 1/2 hour film eventually allows you to find enough nuggets of redeemability to get behind him and what he's going through.

I think the film wants to say something about getting to know someone before you judge them, but then we get to know these people and they're pretty insufferable. It doesn't help that the acting is spotty.

In the lexicon of Apatow's man-child movies, this one is definitely lower tier.