• Mean Girls

    Mean Girls


    how do you produce a musical movie and only hire two good singers asdf also they weren't really mean? the movie was really just a very mild psa against being obsessed with regular people and making fun of them/piling on them on Tiktok. otherwise it really had such little to say especially compared to the original. the ending was so abrupt? why did they make regina drugged for the entire end of the movie??? it just completely wiped any char. growth even though I liked the reginald joke

  • Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians


    partner parental rejection hits harder on screen once you've experienced it irl

  • Elemental



    watched this on a united flight, fully expected this to be bad but its actually so moving and beautifully done?! a better immigrant story than any of the annoying oscar bait i've watched and reviewed asdf

  • Wonka



    went into this expecting to make fun of it but it is whimsical and i even shed a tear at the end

  • A Haunting in Venice

    A Haunting in Venice


    this was very enjoyable. r these characters the most well-written or well acted? no. I cringed whenever emma laird came onscreen. but it was a fun watch. would recommend

  • Oppenheimer



    watched this in the biggest IMAX in the US and it was pretty cool.

    mostly just chatting. I thought the overdramatized lil panic attacks (?) and illusion scenes were a bit corny SOORRRYY

    I don't know how anyone reads this as pro-bomb/America in the slightest. major depresso vibes at the end where you're like wow so this is how most decisions are made ha ha just cocky lil men

    also the JFK "teaser" line was also so corny I literally…

  • Sleepless in Seattle

    Sleepless in Seattle


    boring and I don't like the plot x

  • Easy A

    Easy A


    I know people love this movie but I wish I didn't find it average

    The movie is wayyyy too linear and Olive's smarter than/not like other girls is a bit too cringe for me to recognize the humor behind it

  • Elf



    this movie is the bane of my existence. creepy and offensive !

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    watched this for the first time at my first christmas celebration in 2021 with my now ex and i almost punctured the palm of my hand with my fingernails cuz i hated it so much. american capitalism can be fixed when one man is nice

  • Se7en



    way too grimy

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


    snoozefest SORRY