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"Grosse Pointe Blank is the definition of a desert island film: a foundational text, a perennial source of comfort, a go-to reference that lives, in the parlance of today’s youth and the adults who want to be like them, rent-free in one’s brain."

- Elisabeth Geier, The Man Who Vanished

"What we commend as “real” in life as in film, and perhaps in Scorsese’s films in particular, we might call gritty, dark, or uncompromising; The Age of Innocence proposes otherwise. What could be more violent than a life sculpted by compromise?"

- Veronica Fitzpatrick, I'm Enduring It

"I have never felt less able to describe what is actually happening in a given frame of film; every move of The History of the Seattle Mariners is a comment on how we describe things. Every line and bloop and squiggle represents whole collections of heartbreak and joy and the labor human bodies produce. This is a movie where whole limbs of history appear as snaking squiggling lines and you somehow never walk away unmoved.

This is because the gambit…

"The Green Knight seeks not simply to retell or reimagine the poem’s story, but to interrogate or cross-examine the poem itself: to cast a shadow of postmodern skepticism over the original telling, and indeed all of Arthuriana."

- Steven D. Greydanus, A Deep Cut

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