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  • The Beach Bum

    The Beach Bum


    "I'm a reverse paranoiac," says McConaughey near the end of the movie containing his best performance. "I'm quite certain the world is conspiring to make me happy." And the movie seems to have been conjured in order to make the world happy in return. Same avant-pop dirtbag-Malick style as Spring Breakers, but this time in service of a warm picaresque comedy that it's frankly impossible to imagine anyone disliking.

  • Leave No Trace

    Leave No Trace


    Wasn't expecting to get European vibes from this but it really feels like the closest a recent American film has gotten to what the Dardenne brothers do. That said, the subtlety doesn't always work in the movie's favor; Ben Foster's PTSD is a between-the-lines abstraction, you never really see or feel it.

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  • Band of Outsiders

    Band of Outsiders


    It's kind of weird to me that '60s Godard has such a reputation for youthful exuberance, because some of these pictures are dry, languid affairs. I first saw many of them, including Band of Outsiders, on a laptop in a dorm room near the end of George W. Bush's first term or the beginning of his second, and now I revisit whenever a 35mm print rolls into town. I don't think this one captivated me much at 18, and at…

  • Samsara



    Cool feature-length adaptation of Madonna's "Ray of Light" video [THIS HAS BEEN A JOKE ABOUT TIME-LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY. THANKS FOR READING.]