Climax ★★

After a patience-testing round of video testimonials in which the large cast takes turns introducing itself (as if this were the kind of movie where characterization matters at all), Noe shows us a dance rehearsal and it briefly seems like this movie might be at least kinetically interesting. But then he goes right back to more patience-testing character chit-chat bullshit, mostly young people having generic conversations about sex that wouldn't pass muster in the hackiest sitcom writers' room. When the "bad trip" arrives, it couldn't be more perfunctory. It's like Gaspar was so confident that he could execute an LSD freakout that he didn't bother to actually envision it at all beyond the first-thought level of screaming and writhing. By the time he applies a murky red filter to the writhing, the image is indiscernible and I happily submitted to a nap. A waste of time!