19.still an infant,whose feet are still being formed and steps are still being constructed.

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  • Fire (Pożar)

    Fire (Pożar)


    Sometimes sound and image tie well,and sometimes it's a one sided affair(of sound).

  • The Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush


    One would expect from the title and opening sequence a plot wholly centred on the search for gold,but then it becomes Chaplin and the girl and gold(sometimes relegated to the background in service to the other relationship).Slapstick,with the cabin scenes featuring Chaplin at some of his best;new Year Party finds Chaplin at his saddest.

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  • Antonio das Mortes

    Antonio das Mortes


    It all began with "Terra em Transe",a sociopolitical film that left me confused,unengaged,and disoriented."Black God White Devil" was my second dive into the Rocha filmography,which I found more interesting,but ultimately had some of the issues of the first film."Antonio das Mortes" is the sequel to the second,with the antagonist now the protagonist.Beautiful music,interesting plot and a good acting from the lead;perhaps more background would have aided,especially "Terra em Transe,"which felt like being thrown into an incredibly hostile & impenetrable jungle.Rocha has…

  • The High Sign

    The High Sign


    Short with the best plot.