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  • Witchery



    Just enough wonk to make this enjoyable. And by "enjoyable" I mean "well, it certainly isn't dull, I'll say that much." None of it makes any sense, but that's perfectly in line with its Italian-horror pedigree. The American cast is all here for the paycheck, and they do their best with the silly material. Leslie Cumming may be the worst actress to ever grace the not-so-silver screen. Her non-performance alone makes this strangely watchable. I really didn't want to think…

  • The Lift

    The Lift


    Dreadfully vapid domestic turmoil subplot—that neither goes anywhere nor serves the plot in any way—undermines an already mediocre telling of what could have been a pretty killer SF/horror hybrid. Some may be less hard on it than me, and that's cool.

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  • End Game

    End Game


    "Grief ain't easy. But it can be poignant and gorgeous."

    Obviously I've been around death. Everybody has. You can't escape it. And, the older you get the more prevalent it is. I've heard it said that living a long life is a gift; but it's also a curse because others are inevitably going to go before you, and you have to watch that happen.

    I won't deny that I'm still very fearful about death. I'm trying, in several ways, to…

  • The Fly

    The Fly


    Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 2 – August 2018

    DAY ONE: Watch a horror remake.

    I've probably seen this film close to fifteen or twenty times. I don't know. A lot. I love it. Have loved it since the first time I saw it, which was shortly after it was released on home video in the mid-80s. I wasn't allowed to see R-rated movies in the theater back then, so I had to get my fixes by going to the houses…