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This review may contain spoilers.

the ending scene with Dani weeping and being unable to walk very well because of all the flowers while the temple is burning behind her and her weeps fit perfectly into the music?? absolute perfection. such an emotionally strong scene.

i'm so glad i had a chance to watch this incredible film again. noticed way more details and understood way more metaphors this time. the cinematography is beautiful as well as the costumes and most importantly the music, this film is very pretty to look at for sure.
also, florence pugh is absolutely incredible in this and so is jack reynor.

i wish every film would have such a heavy impact on me as those last 20 minutes of this film, which i consider a masterpiece.

watched it with my mom, she wasn't the biggest fan of hereditary but she absolutely loved this, so that's nice. :)
definitely looking forward to seeing the director's cut as soon as i get the chance.
ari aster is a genius.

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