Mommy ★★★★★

first film in months that actually made me feel something. and i'm so so glad i decided to finally give this beautiful film a chance.

(i'm crying at the moment btw, and idk if others also cried while watching this but i don't care if i'm the only one because this is what movies are for, no? to make us feel something. you know how you sometimes see a movie and you're like "man, i wish i was the one who made this, because this is perfection". idk, maybe this doesn't make sense, but this was jus tsuch a perfect film to me? in every aspect. the way it was shot just felt like one of those car rides you sometimes have, when you're just staring out the window and listening to music and everything feels so magical and peaceful? yeah, some scenes in this film felt just like that, and i loved it.)

okay, so this was my first film that i've watched ever from xavier dolan and i must say that i'm literally speechless. i loved everything about this. i loved the overall aesthetic, i loved the cinematography, i LOVED the wonderwall scene with steve "opening" the screen because it felt like he (and me) was finally able to take a deep breath and just breathe and be happy after a long time and it was super cool. the acting was also incredible. the montage near the end of the film took me by surprise and made me more emotional that i expected, it was so well done!! it just felt so real. also the use of lana del rey's song??? yES !! it just fit/suited the film super well.

i just can't put this into words but i loved it so much, stayed up until 4am just to finish watching it even though that wasn't my plan from the start, so i guess that says a lot.
xavier dolan, thank you for this!
i'm gonna get some sleep and then definitely watch more of his films!!

sorry for such a messy review!! it happens when i enjoy a film this much! :)

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