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This review may contain spoilers.

[ can’t believe this is the only movie that exists, the only movie, there are simply no other movies, sorry guys i dont make the rules 🤷🏻‍♀️ ]

no but seriously, ever since i saw the trailer for this at the cinema i was intrigued and wanted to see this, it looked like it could be fun. but then i somehow didn’t have the time and didn’t feel like going to the cinema or whatever reason i had - basically i missed it at the cinema. 
well, today i finally decided that it was time to give this a watch. and so i did...

...and i’m SO fucking glad i did! oh my god, this was incredible! absolutely amazing, a wild ride from start to finish! 
every time i thought i knew what was coming and how the whole thing will end the movie introduced a new unexpected twist and left me with my jaw on the floor.

the very intense atmosphere left me feeling the same way i felt while watching Don’t Breathe earlier this year - as if i was taking part in the game (in a role of a victim) as well and my survival depended on the survival of Grace.

speaking of her - i know almost everyone mentioned this in their reviews already but holy fuck !! Samara Weaving was absolutely incredible in this !! i feel like the intensity of the movie depended heavily on her and she did such a great job! her performance was 100% believable and i think that’s what sold this for me.
the pure fear in her eyes. whew! 

and the ending? well, i definitely wasn’t expecting it to go that way but man oh man, the perfection of it left me giggling the same way Grace was when she finally got some of that sweet earned justice. 

the ending reminded me a bit of suspiria (2018) and Us (in terms of the main heroine suffering through the whole movie because of certain people and then finally getting her revenge and not being the victim anymore, but becoming the, let’s say, winner instead) and i just gotta say that endings like that are exactly the type of endings i adore because they always leave me in awe.

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