Interstellar ★★★★½

“Don’t trust the right thing done for the wrong reason. The why of the thing, that’s the foundation.” - Donald

This is beautiful, sad and entertaining, a must-watch for the lovers of sci-fi movies set in space.

I watched this movie like three times at least, but today is the first time that I finish it completely, from beginning to end. This was already streamed on TV, I once watched it with my parents some years ago and maybe there’s another time that I’m missing, I already knew the ending and a lot of scenes were coming to my mind, but anyway, I still enjoyed the story.

For the ones who like physics this is the best movie to watch, many teachers use it to explain important stuff (I study law so I’m the opposite of you guys, sorry for hating maths and all related hehe).

It has a great script, full of philosophy quotes, it also has such a nice and impressive plot, a beautiful story, touching themes like family, where the viewer takes the place of the main characters and that has the power to make you sad for sure. The color palette is not a bad one and it’s a great sci-fi experience.

The problem that I found is that it’s too long, the second part of the movie when they travel around the space is a bit boring and tedious for the viewer, that’s the reason why I didn’t rate it with 5 ⭐️.

A highly recommended movie directed by Christopher Nolan, director of the recent movie called Tenet. Watch it in case of you haven’t watched it just yet, which is hard to believe due to how famous it became, which fame is deserved, I’m not gonna lie.

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