Life Is Beautiful ★★

SORRY for all the lovers of this movie but I didn’t enjoy it.

First of all I don't like tragic movies, specially if they are about diseases (it isn’t about that) but I can do an effort watching them. I gave it a chance... well it seems like I'm going to talk about a real unpopular one but it isn't the case. 

Anyway I can't get how people love it that much. I understand the message, trying to face The Holocaust with a smile on your mouth for the purpose of making it less bad, a father who tries to hide the reality of a tough life making his son think that Life is beautiful. Trying to find the good part of the bad things to make a bad situation into a better one. What does he think up? He makes up a game of their stay in a concentration camp in order to make his stay lighter taking advantage of his innocence.

I feel like in the way the movie is focused there is no place for humor, this was cheap and annoying but it wasn't the best background to mix sad situations with a humor touch.

I can enjoy a comedy about The Shoah if it's only based on making the viewer laugh but it tries two things here: create a feeling of sadness in the viewer while watching these conditions of vulnerability (which were real) and make the viewer enjoy them with this kind of humor, which is disgusting enough in my opinion.

Not a recommended movie for those who think like me about combining sadness with happiness using an annoying humor.

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