The Sacrament ★★★★½

Nr 61 on All Films I Saw 2015 (Ranked)

Many people are amazed by the fact that I've seen somewhere between 2500 to 3000 films since the premiere of "Irreversible" and still hold Noé's masterpiece as my all time favourite film. To really simplify things the biggest reason for that is the slow building realism that makes the violent scenes really uncomfortable to watch. As opposed to horror films with monsters, vampires, supernatural beings etc (which in honesty can be entertaining [if they're from the 60:s-80:s]) "Irreversible" is a true horror film, putting on display something that everyone can relate to and probably abhor.

Those of you with large things between your ears have already guessed that there are great similarities between "Irreversible" and Ti West's brilliant "The Sacrament". West uses (as so many before him have done) the "Cannibal Holocaust"/"Blair Witch Project" documentary style to hit a shortcut into the realistic feel. It works great though and some time is actually spent in the story to justify the very technique West uses for his film.

I'll try my best not to spoil anything, because this one is one you should watch if you haven't. It is very unusual these days for a movie to actually make me squirm in my seat watching it, but "The Sacrament" manages to make me thoroughly uncomfortable as the slow built realism (yes, you know the recipe) climax through things that not only COULD happen in real life, but DID.

True horror and great performances by everyone involved.