Persona ★★★★½

This film says so much but also says nothing and I love how complex and in moments meaningful this film is but at the same time it’s very hard to explain how this film makes you feel.

The acting is incredible and I fucking loooove the writing. The amount of themes that come across about humanity and what it means to be human. The actions you want to take versus the actions society and people want you to take and ultimately which one is the right path to go down. But no path is right because of how individual we all are. I loved the way it conveyed a famous actress as in distress and ultimately how by being great at her craft she detached herself from reality and humanity and no longer feels the way regular people feels. Delving into what it feels like being a creative and how hard it is to see the world and feel comfortable in the world because you don’t feel like you connect with other people and everything around you. Meanwhile those people look up to you, idolise you, envy you when in reality you’re just trying to be like them. And the complexities of that relationship is highlighted there. As well as what it means to be yourself and expose your deepest intimacies and emotions and how fragile a person can be after revealing such feelings. But ultimately it’s just diving into who you are as a person and that brutal honesty is quite distressing for everyone.

The cinematography and editing is just something out of this world. The fucked up little interludes of shocking imagery kind of throw you off guard but I see it as showing you a side of life you’ll never see. I love the fact that Elisabet looks into the camera in certain scenes as if to ask you for your opinion on all you see.

But ultimately the fact the film gets so intimate and deep into the characters makes for such an incredible viewing and the fact you feel so engulfed in the story and eager to see where it goes but it feels like it goes nowhere. But you’ve been so engaged. And it’s the same experience as the character. Also the stuff with the kid looking out at Elisabets face come the end of the film really speaks volumes. This films so complex, so unique and so interesting. Unbelievable.

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