The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

Who the fuck? How the fuck? Why the fuck? What the fuck?

Starting the June Scavenger Hunt off on the maddest of trips, quite literally.

I just want to know everything that drove this movie into what it is. I love the symbolism and how it flips the whole narrative on the standard adventure film. There’s so much to dig your teeth into about religion and what life actually means and the ending it leads to speaks so many volumes.

This has been some of the craziest shit I’ve ever experienced, and I love it. One frame from this film can be more complex than some directors’ body of work. And there’s so much to interpret from this film. There’s a lot of dated action but it doesn’t remove from the ingenious of it all, and the cinematography and set design and world is unbelievable.

Then there’s the themes, a lot of weird imagery, a lot of sex and a lot of religion. I think it’s trying to tell us what life is but then with the ending it owns the fact that the whole of this film can be interpreted in so many different ways that none of it means anything. You just do your thing with it and make of it what you can. And no film I’ve seen has ever done that.

An unbelievable watch, I’m about to go and have some trippy ass dream and you should give this a go. I just want to know what went through Jodorowsky’s mind because there’s so much of this I need to figure out.

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