The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel is my favorite film of all time. Not because it's objectively or even subjectively the most well-crafted film out there, but because it made me fall in love with cinema as an artform.

When I first watched it back in 2014, I had never viewed movies with the intention of paying attention to detail, understand the filmmaker’s intention or appreciate now more apparent aspects such as sound, music and editing. What Wes Anderson achieved while making this piece was find a cohesion to his already well-established style of filmmaking and refine it to such a degree that even my ignorance could grasp how wonderfully it all flows before you. The cinematography, music and editing all aid the playful narrative coupled with quippy dialogue and lively performances full of character - especially from Ralph Fiennes.

From changing the aspect ratio to fit the time, the score blending into church song sung by characters, stop motion sequences that help build this whimsical world the characters inhabit to the incredibly colorful look of the film. All timed to a fast paced 100-minute story. But most of all; it is all so much fun.

Many takes issue with Wes Anderson's over the top way of approaching filmmaking. I for one don't enjoy his other work nearly as much as I do this particular one. But I owe him, the many talented other artists at work here and the film itself so much joy. It opened a new world for me and for that, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is my favorite film.

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