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    Thanks Hannah!

    These Gale shorts are so cool. ๐Ÿค—

  • A Touch of Zen

    A Touch of Zen

    9-17-20 10:09pm About an hour and thirty in and me likey.

    1:53am I am going to be cranky tomorrow.

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  • Killer of Sheep

    Killer of Sheep


    LA Rebellion

    It's easy to see that Charles Burnett's work influenced many directors who went on to some notable acclaim including Jim Jarmusch. I don't know his story but can tell just by seeing this film released in 78' that Down By Law (1986) and Stranger Than Paradise (1984) are very similar stylistically and technically.

    Definate recommendation.

  • After Midnight

    After Midnight


    I wanted to like it, I really did.

    Another reviewer pointed out it's 83cmins long with 8 and 3 being his lucky numbers. Well, 83 is my lucky number it's my house number, in my phone number and was in the address of two of my previous employers bldgs. Not to mention their ph #s. So why didn't this live up to my expectations? The one positive it has going for it is that art on the movie poster but other than that.