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My four favorite films are the four most recent films to which I've given five stars.

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  • The New York Ripper

    The New York Ripper


    I've come to terms with the fact that gialli aren't high art. They don't satisfy on a cerebral level. The plots, characters and red herrings can only be so good. For me, a great giallo is one that accepts - and owns - the genre's exploitative nature. Gore. Tits. Gore. Sex. Gore. Sleaze. And fucking gore.

    Fulci gets it. Which is why The New York Ripper is the quintessential giallo. It does away with any pretense that we're here to…

  • Winter Light

    Winter Light


    Within the first five minutes I knew this was going to be a film that resonated deeply with me. Watching that opening scene of the church service was like reliving my own childhood and adolescence. I could see myself in every single character: the organist who can't stop checking the clock, the stoic hymn singers struggling to feel something from the music, the coughing man trying to remain focused, the child bored to tears, the pastor going through the motions…

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  • Fetus



    Watched with audio commentary with Brian Paulin, Rich George and Joe Olsen

  • John Wick

    John Wick


    As enjoyable as the first watch. My wife liked it too! It's just a simple, solid, badass action movie.

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  • The Seafarers

    The Seafarers


    I found it difficult to sit through a 28-minute piece of propaganda on a subject I don't care about in the slightest. I only got through it by repeating to myself, "Kubrick made this... Kubrick made this..." As I watched, I did my best to spot anything "Kubrick" about it. It was well shot, kind of. The subjects were always in frame and there were a couple competent tracking shots. But the truth is there's just no reason to watch this other than to be able to say "I've seen every Kubrick film."

  • The Haunted Castle

    The Haunted Castle


    There's some confusion about this film. Georges Méliès made two films whose titles are often translated as The Haunted Castle. The first was in 1896 and can be seen here. The second was made in 1897 (which this Letterboxd entry is for) and can be seen here.