Brightburn ★½

Had my mind set on this being maybe alright (the premise is funny after all) but didn't realize "James Gunn" was involved with this. That became rapidly apparent, and while I have to give this a little bit of credit for being something that I can't claim to have really seen before, Gunn's Troma influenced brand of scuzzy cinema doesn't really sit well with me (or anyone anymore unless its filtered through Marvel?) Over the top gore effects in the name of "realism" but no realism to any of the characters. Awful CGI blood and flesh FX that make the Brigthburn team's gritty pretension seem terribly silly, and so on and so on.

The film ends with Michael Rooker as an Alex Jones stand-in (beating out Nu J. Jonah Jameson by a few months) indicating that their are more evil super heroes and we might get an evil Justice League movie? Very Funny admittedly, but I shouldn't encourage this into existence.