The Adventures of Tintin ★★★★

Thought this might pair well with Alita and it did, although Alita has a more optimistic viewof how to use this technology (customization/body mod) while Tintin is more about the director maximizing control over the performer.

Spielberg succeeds where Zemeckis hadn't, though I like to think that Marwen exists as some sort of cautionary tale regarding the darkest places this sort of digital manipulation of human performance could be taken. Indeed, it is a little unnerving to think about the ways in which this fundamentally upends traditional understandings of acting, but Spielberg's intent is to entertain here, and the end product is sort of the ideal outcome of this experiment - a very fluid adventure film anchored by traces of the human. As such I find the Tintin project rather fascinating, after all, what is motion capture if not the next evolution, of stop motion, the entire medium of animation... filmic editing even (thought a lot about Man Ray and Kubrick while watching this).

Still, my mind kept returning to Steve Carell playing with his dolls lol

We'll see...

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