Unfriended: Dark Web ★★★½

Saw the second ending - they both effectively serve the same purpose (to punish Matias for not learning ASL), but one lets Amaya live which is nice.

I guess I ultimately prefer the first; it was such a revelation upon release, and, if I'm recalling correctly, was a bit tighter pacing-wise and had a little more fun exploring the full potential of the Screenlife tech. That said, this one is nearly as fun and does a few things better. The characters are better developed this time around, and are in fact largely likeable, something that can surely not be said about the previous group. Also, ditching the supernatural angle is a good move. The internet is scary enough as is! Digital ghosts are an unnecessary indulgence! Perhaps I would've felt as strongly. if not moreso, about this one as I did the first had it been the initial entry in the series?

Still insist that every movie should take place on a computer. Is that not where our lives take place?

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