Midsommar ★★★★★

Wow.... where do I even start?? Ever since I first saw the trailer for Midsommar I was VERY intrigued but also nervous because this type of film isn’t always my cup of tea. Having now seen the film, I can say that this one in fact WAS my cup of tea. From the start I was in. Yes, it is long and at times you can feel the run time but I never got bored or anxious and ready to leave if that makes any sense? The cinematography here is also the best of the year so far by a mile. This movie is also probably the most R rated movie I have ever seen in a theater? I mean it GOES THERE. I never felt that it ever went to far or was just pure shock value because it all was part of the culture’s rituals in the film so it never bothered me. The acting is stellar here.. Jack Reynor and Will Poulter are among the standouts.. but the real the star of the film is FLORENCE PUGH. She is BEYOND captivating.. if this girl isn’t in talk for a best actress nom this awards season then something is seriously wrong. Overall, I don’t think Midsommar is for everyone, however I don’t think it’s quite as polarizing as last year’s Hereditary? It was certainly easier and more enjoyable for me to watch. But I still think it will be a bit much for a lot of people. Personally, I loved it and will for sure be checking it out again soon.

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