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  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  • Moonlight
  • Coffee and Cigarettes
  • Shadow of a Doubt

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  • The Zone of Interest


  • 20 Days in Mariupol


  • Dream Scenario


  • The Iron Claw


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  • Poor Things

    Poor Things


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    She’s so autistic! This was my main takeaway and it made me enjoy the second half so much! People say she has an experience unlike anyone has ever had, and yes of course that is true. But even so, I related so much to her experiences despite me being a grown-arse man in a movie that’s so much about being a woman and having a baby’s brain. Oh and I’m very monogamous too, so that’s not the parallel. It’s how…

  • Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

    Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget


    Watched with the two-year-old who liked it and has begun asking to watch “Ticker wun” again. He enjoyed the chickens and he immediately perked up when they entered the bright fun world of the farm, which is a good reminder to me to conscientise him against ideology because he would have fallen for it just as much as the chickens did.

    It’s obviously not as good as the original but it’s a good time.


    1. Ginger’s moral failure (thankfully…

Recent reviews

  • The Zone of Interest

    The Zone of Interest


    1. “These people are terrible” < “How could they do this?” < “Could I do this?” < “In some circumstances I maybe could do this” < “I am doing this” < “Let’s burn down (and start to replace) all the systems that lead people do this; that amplify our worst human instincts and numb our best; and yet let’s not expect the job to be easy or ever ending, because original sin or something like it definitely exists and is what makes those systems so…

  • 20 Days in Mariupol

    20 Days in Mariupol


    I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to lose my son. Or for him to lose his mother and me. That’s the first thing that needs to be said. I can’t think of words that don’t seem trite to express the right level of sorrow for the thousands of civilians of Ukraine murdered (and those bereaved, and those traumatised, and lives destroyed). And, I can’t not think and say this too: also the thousands of civilians of…

Popular reviews

  • Revenge of the Nerds

    Revenge of the Nerds


    Rapey incel fantasy. It’s like the only way they could humanise (while also ridiculing, sometimes racistly) male nerds was to completely dehumanise all women. This movie caused harm.

  • The Holdovers

    The Holdovers


    Neurodivergent recognises neurodivergent! (In my reader-response interpretation, Paul is autistic, and Angus is ADHD but may also be autistic.)

    This is lovely isn’t it? Driven by three powerhouse performances that all deserved Oscar noms and in fact all would deserve Oscar wins (sadly Dominic Sessa was snubbed for supporting male actor along with Charles Melton of May December who was even better).

    Great way to end a four-movie day (I watched three others while gathering documents for a f’ing visa…