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  • Brightburn



    It’s a supervillain origin framed in the “what if Superman came to Earth to conquer instead of be a hero” story. Pretty basic thriller that relies too much on jump scares, but I’ll say the kills are cool. Two of them are like maximum gore and one of them made me squirm and shut my eyes. Just wish it explored more of where the boy really came from and his mission. Ends in the most predictable fashion and the closing credits roll to Billie Eyelash’s “I’m the bad guy” song. A bit on the nose? Duh.

  • Aladdin



    It’s full of fun, beautiful colors and landscapes. The music has been updated with amazing new orchestrations that revitalize old classics (new ones not so much). My biggest fear going in would be Will Smith’s rapping that isn’t rapping, but speaking lyrics that should be sung. That only happened during “Prince Ali” thankfully. Still think he was a miscast in the role. They give Jasmine a nice song that sounds a lot like “Let It Go” and Naomi Scott kills…

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  • Overlord



    The trailer made it look like some zombie b-movie, but I’m actually surprised that this was not just good, but pretty fucking amazing! The opening scene is the most intense thing I’ve seen all year - even more so than the opening scene of Widows. The whole movie is super loud which just adds to the intensity of the whole production. Non-stop action seasoned with some tasty body horror and a pretty awesome score. Hell yes!

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in no way the perfect franchise. There have been major bumps in the road in all aspects, from storytelling to creative drama. Avengers: Endgame is the culmination of all of that, even moreso than Infinity War. A lot of hype went into that film as if it were the last one, even using inappropriate tag lines such as “An entire universe, once and for all.” No, this was the last hurrah. This is what the…