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  • Sky High

    Sky High


    in the moments before I ascend to the heavens above, I would like this to be the second to last movie I ever watch. stand by me will be my last, if my children know how to interpret a will correctly. 

    how anyone could not see this as Disney’s greatest achievement is beyond me and is probably dick cheneys fault

  • Secret Admirer

    Secret Admirer


    convicted felons!
    fruit loops w chocolate sauce! 
    c thomas howell not in black face!
    douchey frat bros ensuring they’re practicing safe sex! in the 80s! 
    the line ‘when did you become a person who spies on people?!’ ‘I’ve always been a person who spies on people, I’m a cop!’ 
    mediocre dude having no personality or character development but inexplicably still getting the girl! 

    i live for this shit 

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  • Cousins



    might be the greatest nz movie ever tbh

    most nz films suffer from having aspects that make them feel cheap. whether that be weak acting, boring camera work, terrible nz humour or just shitty storytelling.

    everything about this was well done. an important narrative that didnt feel overdramatised or forced in any way. the acting was good, the little moments of comedy were fitting (didnt feel forced and weren't fucking dry). the production value was better than literally any other…

  • Tenet



    i was confused and bewildered until r patz said ‘haven’t you figured it out yet?’ and then I was confused and crying