Thirst ★★★★★

"You just have to admit that we're a superior race to them. After all, the drinking of blood is the finest aristocratic act imaginable."

Welcome to your authoritarian, bureaucratic nightmare! Straight from the deepest, darkest corners of Australia comes this hidden gem of a satirical exploitation flick filled with cults, chaos, carnage and a shower that sprays blood! Here we are placed into a world where the richest 10% not only take part in the ritualistic drinking of blood, but also farm human slaves in order to market their life essences as a trademarked brand in a carton! This is a surreal dystopian image of a world where a ruling secret society based on family ties kidnaps and indoctrinates inheritors to bloodlines into a world of power-play and fake fangs! This is like a corporate version of a classic Hammer vampire film, with excessive amounts of mutilation and dismemberment becoming the rather literal order of the day with a commercial, fast-food approach! The scariest thing about these vampires is not that they drain blood, but that they drain any hope for their victims of becoming anything other than simple feeding vessels throughout the rest of their lives. Funny, uncomfortable, brilliantly scored and wonderfully shot. Such an amazing film that so many more people should get round to checking out! I had no idea that this film was going to be what it was!

The drinking of blood and the eating of flesh are now no longer considered unholy or supernatural. They are considered business practices.

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