A Climate for Killing

A Climate for Killing ★★★

A hell of a way to start Rodeo Week, idn't it?

Discovered this film for my need for more Dedee Pfeiffer, but A Climate for Killing also stars Katharine Ross.

So a murder has been committed as at the start of the film, which really bums the mood for Rodeo Week. People don't want want to think about death in a time of celebration. No only that, but murder attracts the wrong kind of publicity for the out-of-towners showing up for the rodeo. Plus, the body is someone who was thought to have been murdered over a decade ago.

Look at them swimsuits. You can almost see right up her name and address.
- some lady

A Climate for Killing reminds me of Twin Peaks a bit but not stylistically in any way whatsoever but rather the small town murder of a girl that shakes up the town. The sheriff on the case is a cowboy. In one scene he talks to another cowboy in the dark to talk about what happened that night. It's not quite boring but it barely keeps your attention. I hate country music, especially the tiki country music they played at the roadhouse bar. Needed more Dedee and Katharine.

What this movie taught me: calling people the southern term "partner" in an aggressive way sounds hilarious.

Enjoy some screenshots of Dedee Pfeiffer

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