Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★★

I'm so embarassed. I'm not a real person yet.

Frances is...

overly dependent
socially awkward
cannot be alone
allergic to cats


Frances is...

not perfect
probably human
out of touch in this world

And that makes her relatable because all her traits are the embodiment of someone on the brink of losing themselves or someone who cannot put their shit together.

It's difficult to watch this partly because I can see the old version of myself. It must have been difficult for my friends to deal the old me. I was cringing so hard and clenching my teeth the whole time watching this.

However, what I like about this film is how people can learn from Frances. I say this because someone you might know are struggling like her. You might find them really frustrating to be around with, but I hope that many people would understand that we all have different genetic make-up, where not everyone has the same capacity to wake up and ready to be an adult and also, Frances Ha's traits exists in the society.
So, if ever you know someone like her, please slap them hard in the face and tell them everything what is wrong with them (only if you are close enough and entitled to say anything) or just try to understand them because they are the literal damsel in distress, but not everytime.

I know it's like the life I never had.

I don't think my mom would read if it were about depression.

I like things that look like mistakes.

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