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  • Dead Man's Shoes

    Dead Man's Shoes


    Watched for College class.

    Really not an awful lot to say. Well made to an extent considering the budget, fantastic lead performance, alright dialogue in paces, fairly well paced, good use of a twist.

    On the other hand it literally is just a dark revenge flick. There’s no moral conflict, there’s nothing it’s trying to say apart from “doing this is bad and if you do it then you’ll get karma”, literally the entire audience already knew this message as…

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    As much as this really wasn’t my cup of tea, i can’t lie i was so invested in this and that comes down to probably two things. 1. The acting was fantastic 2. It was so unusual and i genuinely had no idea where it was going in a good way. Definitely the furthest away from PTAs usual work when it comes down to subject matter like it blows my mind how the same man who made Boogie Nights also…

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  • Soul



    Jesus christ Pixar really out here offering free therapy sessions. This definitely leans on Pixar’s more important movies to children as i can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t show their child this.

    On the child point i honestly found myself (an 18 year old) getting confused at points, the subject matter is incredibly heavy for a kid (not anything inappropriate or anything it’s literally about a man in a existential crisis) but then again it’s a lot of fun and if…

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    I consider trying not to cry at a movie infront of your family a sport. That shits hard af.