Hard Eight ★★★★

PTA had, has and always will have an understanding of cinema like no other. Once again i find myself lost for why i love one of his films so much. On any other film i’d be able to pinpoint what i loved about it but with ever PTA film i love every aspect of it, everything compliments each other perfectly. The acting, directing, soundtrack, cinematography, editing, script... they all just marry so well together. 

Where i think this film not necessarily fails but lacks i guess is most likely at the hands of the budget and restraints considering its a debut feature. I feel like with a bit more money, a more detailed script and a bigger budget this would’ve been really really great considering it’s already good how it is. 

I also absolutely love the first and second act of this movie. Not to say the third act lets it down necessarily but i didn’t feel as engaged as i had before. I feel like the movie pretty much ends 10 minutes before the actual ending. 

I really need to quit playing around and just watch There Will Be Blood ffs.