Phantom Thread ★★★★

As much as this really wasn’t my cup of tea, i can’t lie i was so invested in this and that comes down to probably two things. 1. The acting was fantastic 2. It was so unusual and i genuinely had no idea where it was going in a good way. Definitely the furthest away from PTAs usual work when it comes down to subject matter like it blows my mind how the same man who made Boogie Nights also made a film about english dressmakers in the 1950s. 

Very very strange but equally very very interesting and equally very very good.

Listen i know Woodcock is incredibly high maintenance and can be such an arsehole but my god did she eat so rudely at breakfast like WHY ARE YOU LITERALLY BITING YOUR SPOON. Loved the character of Alma though and my god was it refreshing and satisfying to have an actually decent person amongst so many twats. 

DO YOU HAVE A GUN? WHERE IS YOUR GUN? WHERE ARE YOU HIDING YOUR GUN? Man this movie was so weirdly fucking funny.