Soul ★★★★½

Jesus christ Pixar really out here offering free therapy sessions. This definitely leans on Pixar’s more important movies to children as i can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t show their child this.

On the child point i honestly found myself (an 18 year old) getting confused at points, the subject matter is incredibly heavy for a kid (not anything inappropriate or anything it’s literally about a man in a existential crisis) but then again it’s a lot of fun and if it inspired at least one kid out there to start living life then it’s succeeded.

Main flaws
- Convoluted at points 
 - despite being an important film for kids i feel this is definitely more adult orientated 

Main Positives
- the musics fantastic
- the animation is out of this world - some scenes with no people literally looked like real life it’s actually quite scary
- lot of good laughs
- Unpredictable af
- beautiful message

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