The Master ★★★★★

Weirdly the opposite to There Will Be Blood, the first time I watched this i was blown away. The acting, the cinematography, the score. It was really special. I don’t know know what to say, it didn’t exactly hold up on a rewatch. I think the main reason is that I used to watch movies and not let the “message” bother me in anyway. I didn’t try to understand what the films message was and would rather just sit and enjoy all the other stuff. I don’t know if it’s just with time or the fact i’ve just spent the past two days watching There Will Be Blood and proper going into analysis of that, but I was constantly trying to work out what it all meant, something I didn’t do on my first watch.

I’m gonna again have to spend time researching and just breaking down The Master as of course it’s a PTA movie. You don’t just watch it and that’s it. 

In the simplest form,  this is the story of a dog and it’s master

or in another interpretation, the relationship between Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott if Michael was a lot smarter than Dwight

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