Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★½

After finally deciding to sit down and watch Guardians Of The Galaxy I expected something great, given the overwhelmingly good reception it's received. However, despite really wanting to love it, I was never really taken by it. It was an enjoyable space-romp that provided characters as colourful as it's visuals but it still lacked that special something. Perhaps I expected too much from a comic book movie but for the most part the story bored me and the antagonist was dull and predictable, and outside the main cast the characters were pretty bland.

All that considered, however, I still found it fun, enjoyable and undoubtedly it's a good watch. The humour was spot on and it is definitely Marvel's funniest outing to date. Whilst I felt a tad overwhelmed by the sheer number of characters in the film, the Guardians themselves were absolutely brilliant and all brought something unique to the table. Whilst I wasn't in the least bit surprised to see Chris Pratt absolutely nailing the comedic aspects of his performance, I was delighted to see Dave Bautista deliver a genuinely hilarious display as Drax. Few of those who venture from wrestling into the acting world manage to pull it off but the early signs are that Bautista may have a big future ahead of him.

Guardians... is largely a success, especially considering the relative lack of popularity of it's source material, but for all the fun and hi-jinks there isn't quite enough substance to match it's undeniable style. Here's hoping Marvel learn from their mistakes for the sequel as there is some real potential for greatness in this franchise.

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