Sleeping with Other People

Sleeping with Other People ★★★


Ranked: 2015

At first glance, Sleeping with Other People really doesn't feel like a film that should be effective. For all intents and purposes, it is a modern romantic comedy that bears a number of hallmarks worn by its predecessors, with its main characters in particular - an insanely sweet and pretty leading lady, a quick-witted leading man who's a bit of an ass, a comically loathsome former lover and a cynical friend who's there for the "bro-chats" - all feeling a bit like they could have been cut and pasted from most films released in this genre since the turn of the century. That said, whilst the film certainly doesn't feel the need to stray too far outside of its comfort zone, it does manage to execute what it is trying to achieve with some aplomb, making it eminently watchable and rather endearing for the most part. It'll get few people lauding it for its originality but it still manages to tell a story that feels, in some ways at least, relatable and engaging. For that reason it must be considered a modest success.

Perhaps the greatest feat here is that I didn't find Jason Sudeikis' character to be as reprehensible as I first feared, with his sharp tongue being reeled in enough to actually appreciate some of his charm once in a while, and it was a pleasant surprise to see Sudeikis nail the leading role. He enjoys great chemistry with the brilliant Alison Brie, whose silky smooth transition from a regular role on a popular sitcom to a capable leading actress on the big screen should not be underplayed (here's looking at you, Kaley Cuoco). I've long loved Brie's work on Community and it was great to see her do well in a role that gives her far more scope on an emotional level as she's very competent in that regard. Together, they made a pretty on-screen couple, and in a film like this that really is a crucial aspect to achieve.

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