Grounded: Making The Last of Us ★★★★★


I can’t stop thinking about these games so i feel like writing a long ass essay on it here.

Last of us 1: First of all the characters are fucking flawless in this game. Joel is possibly my favourite character of all time. The ending was perfect and very fitting and could’ve went without a sequel. Joel was fearless in number one. He wouldn’t give personal information out to strangers and could spot someone faking an injury from a mile away. The bonding in this game is so wholesome and amazing I just love it. Moving on to the gameplay however. The gameplay gets so boring and repetitive making the first ones replayability unbearable. It’s the same every time. Don’t get me wrong it’s fine and playable for a while but it really does get very repetitive and almost feels like a chore. 

The Last Of Us Part II:
First of all the graphics on this game are so fucking good. Like some of the best I’ve ever seen in a game before. It truly shows how powerful the PlayStation 4 is even right at the end of its life. The graphics where one of the things that boldly stood out. Moving on to a massive flaw of the game is Joel’s death. An absolute shit show. How could they do such an amazing fearless character like that. I’m going to put this into perspective. In the first one at the start of the apocalypse Joel, his daughter and his brother Tommy are driving away from town when there is a family on the road in need of help. Joel says keep going don’t stop. And Tommy says they have a kid then Joel says so do we. In part 2 Joel saves Abby from a horde of zombies in the direction of Jackson. Joel and Tommy willingly help her and just give their names out like it’s nothing. Joel would never have given his name out to a stranger or even had helped them. Yes you may say because he had been in Jackson for near enough 5 years he was too used to being in a peaceful place. But that doesn’t change the fact that they are on patrol outside of Jackson so he has no reason to be comfortable because the outside is not a peaceful place. They then make their way to a mansion with power electricity and all sorts. Tommy and Joel then start acting suspicious. They then proceed to ask how long they’ve been there for. They then say they’ve been there for 1 day. Weird right? But this whole time they where looking for Tommy and when Tommy introduces himself first they all act completely fine but when Joel introduces himself everyone goes silent and shocked like do you not remember who your looking for??? JOELS DEATH SUCKS. Abbys story is very sad as well. For the people who say Abby should’ve died just shutup. If You played as Abby the whole time you would want to kill Joel right. The gameplay in part 2 is so much more fun and replayable because you have to plan every move. I have too much to say and my phone is low on battery so watch this video!! this guy explains it so well. I enjoyed last of us 2 more  but the story of last of us 1 is better. Number 2 is way more fun and replayable also extremely sad