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This review may contain spoilers.

I will never stop talking about this incredibly made film. First of all the performances from everyone mainly Daniel day Lewis and Paul dano where astonishing. Best acted film off all time and it’s not debatable. Secondly the score is just fantastic. It is definitely my favourite and it is beautifully done. Thirdly the amazing writing and directing from Paul Thomas Anderson. I am starting to watch a lot more of Paul Thomas Anderson’s work I am certain it can’t get better than this although I’m sure they are still incredible. Also the screenplay is another thing  incredibly well done. The dialogue is just one of the best of all time. It is for sure In the top 5 dialogue of all time. It just never gets old. The character development is another thing that pta perfected. The script/writing is so well done that I was never bored as every scene made me wanting more. I wanted to know more of Daniel plainviews story I wanted to know about his son and eli. There is also some very smart scenes in this. When Daniel is smothering Eli in the mud and slapping him he tells him “Im going to bury you underground Eli.” Which at the end of the film Eli returns to Daniel and Daniel ends up beating Eli to death with a bowling pin. Then goes on to say “I’m finished.” The last words of the film. Probably my favourite film of all time for now and will always be top four. This film was so made done I just love it too much. 

I drink your milkshake.”

Watch this film now if you haven’t.

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