Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★


If I tell you I didn't enjoyed this film from beginning to end I would definitely be lying because this is such a great and entertaining film.

Do Revenge it's the story of Drea, the most popular girl in her college. One day, she sends sextape of herself to her boyfriend Max and he shows it to all school; revenge is the only thing that goes through Drea's head.

I loved a lot of things in this movie as well as I didn't liked a lot of things in this movie.

I didn't liked that you can easily take down 30 minutes of this film and literally nothing will happen because a lot of scenes doesn't affect the plot.

Also, as a teenage drama this is pretty predictable, some things like when Russ broke with Drea don't have the impact they should have because you know the movie will force a good ending. And also the relationship between Eleanor and Gabbi.

They are some scenes where the actors look at the camera and that was so fucking weird and not professional.

But I did loved the fact that every character is so unique and memorable, I mean, in any other film I watch I would be looking up for the names of the characters in Google.

I also liked the plot twist of that Eleanor had been the evil in this film since the beginning but I didn't liked that they throwed to the trash that concept.

I felt this film like a slight and teenager version of Kill Bill and even more because of the fact that Maya Hawke is Uma Thurman's daughter (they are identical btw).

The acting performances were pretty decent and in general the scenarios, the dressing, the music and the color palette was something I loved.

The construction of character was something surprisingly well done in this film.

I'm hoping that Maya Hawke gets more protagonist roles or as the villain in more films, she has a lot of talent.

Definitely an enjoyable film, with its ups and downs but it catches your attention always.

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