Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

2022 Ranking 

Most incredible cinema experience I’ve had since Fury Road. Every edit pieced together so perfectly, laughed and cried so much. One of the best edited films ever. Just in jumping between everything at once but also the smaller details. Evelyn’s journey…her family’s journey…man. Michelle Yeoh, no question, one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen. Evelyn Wang is to Michelle Yeoh, what George Bailey was to James Stewart: a role that celebrates them as the legendary dynamic star we all revere, while finding all the depths and darkness of character’s failures, and the beauty in that vulnerable humanity. How else to describe her work? It’s like Denis Lavant in Holy Motors funnelled through Laurie Metcalf in Lady Bird funnelled through Buster Keaton funnelled through the Asian American experience. I’ve never seen anything like it.

When Ke Huy Quan takes his glasses off and whips out that fanny pack you could feel the tidal change within the cinema. After so many years of missed opportunities to cast this man in everything, we’ll here’s showing what y’all were missing. What a fucking legend. Having James Hong go full Canto dad at the start was such a fascinating choice and the way he differentiates it with variations of the image of the Hong we all love. I love the love the film has for its legends and their status in pop culture. And Stephanie Hsu…a revelation. That scene. Damn it, THOSE scenes. All of them. Broke me.

Less said the better with all the details of the plots and references, I laughed, I cried, I had many epiphanies. Thank you, Daniels. Thank you.

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