The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

2022 Ranking 

Very good. Bone-crunching action and bloodshed (including an exhilarating bit of madmen sport) with Eggers proving himself to have a knack for the epic scope. Some of the ideas around revenge feel slightly underdeveloped but the relentless energy pulled me in. Skarsgard gives a great anchoring turn, kinda like Dev Patel as Gawain in providing a rock solid anchor to the epic. Kidman and Taylor-Joy’s big scenes are fantastic but I’ll admit I was left wanting a bit more from their side of things overall.

Liked this much more than THE WITCH, not quite up there with THE LIGHTHOUSE, again this is Eggers going into very different territory so it’s hard to compare. Was glad to see Eggers didn’t lose his knack for humour - some surprisingly hilarious moments in this much appreciated.

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