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  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men

    This movie sucks. It's not as good as the original. The original cast or the original delivery.

  • Devilman - Volume 2: Demon Bird

    Devilman - Volume 2: Demon Bird


    Devilman was original a battle manga. Sort of a villain of the week type story. As you can guess this one is about 2 of the bigger villains for the story. And they really know how to stretch 2 fight scenes out for awhile and add to the source material.

    In general, it's pretty decent action fare, Not quite as good as Volume 1 but this has some highlights.

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  • Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu

    Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu


    The first one was dedicated to tone/atmosphere and the second to fight animation/directing and this one is dedicated to characters: characters talking and interacting, I would say at least. Specifically, Hanekawa's character. Something about how she moves and talks here really connected with me in a way she didn't in the previous series, which makes her one of my new favorite characters. My expectations of this being a 10/10 were not met but I still had a fun time.

    Cool character designs, Mostly Talking, and Porn. Sounds like Monogatari to me.

  • Horseshoe Finale

    Horseshoe Finale


    As we all know, or at least all smart and cultured people, Mr. Jesse Wood, Mr. Endless Jess, Mr. Manchild Inc., Mr. The Real BestGuyEver, is a goddamn genius. I'm ashamed that I can't recommend him to people, though he wouldn't want me to, seeing as he believes 90% of people are total morons who can't understand 2 feet in front of their face, he often says he hates his commenters and fans because they never have anything worthwhile or…