Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★

This is like that one episode of Evangelion, where Misato has to convince everyone to let her shut down Neo-Tokyo to power her missile, but for 2 hours. Not complaining I love it.

Love the more political heavy scenes while the actual Godzilla scenes drag a bit to me... It's really good, Anno.
This film is sure a satire of bureaucracy, but what I like about that is that they still won't paint a direct "Bad Guy" (other than Godzilla himself of course) like so many other similar films would just point fingers to the ones on top. Everyone is clearly a guy just doing what they think is best even if it's short-sighted and poorly planned.

Also kind of amusing that the guys who solve the problem, in the end, are the reject autists. Not saying that to be mean, Hideaki Anno is autistic (he is on record saying anyone who works in Animation (where he mainly works) almost has to be autistic.) and you can see these kinds of parallels in his characters. Look at Evangelion's Shinji, Rei, and Asuka for example.

When push comes to shove those are the kind of guys who are probably going to find the answers, the kind of obsessed people who NEED to find the answers, not for any personal gain but because they won't be satisfied without it.
Really hard not to sound mean when saying that, so apologies in advance.

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